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WooBoard creates a positive culture of recognition in your workplace. Celebrate wins, reward your employees and watch them shine.

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The simple peer recognition platform for employee engagement

WooBoard is the fun and friendly way to keep your employees happy and engaged. With peer to peer recognition, social features, integrated rewards and gamification to help encourage daily interaction, WooBoard is the modern way to appreciate employees, connect teams and engage your employees.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Peer to peer recognition that mimics real life. We don’t have quotas which cause you to second guess your messages.

Social & Gamified

Leverage the best of social media and gamification to drive a daily conversation of recognition. Fun, innovative and simple engagement.

Rewards Made Easy

Activate the Rewards Store and allow employees to redeem their points for popular gift cards. Fully integrated and automated rewards.

Engagement Platform

A full suite of functionality including mobile apps, HR integration, white-labelled, reporting & analytics, company values and more!

Engaged employees improve profitability

Recognized employees are happier, have stronger emotional commitment to their jobs, and are willing to invest extra effort to achieve business success.

Retain Top Talent

Engaged employees are more willing to stay longer – there is 31% lower voluntary staff turnover in high recognition companies

Increase Productivity

Employees who feel valued are more likely to work harder and be more committed to reaching team goals.

Reduce Sick Days

Happy employees are healthier, and less stressed, and therefore less likely to call in sick.


Companies with engaged employees have 22% higher profitability and 21% higher productivity on average.

Thought leaders in recognition, engagement & motivation

We’re shaping the engagement discussion and building the tools that allow businesses to stay ahead of the increasingly competitive market for talent.

Considerable research has been done on how to improve workplace culture and employee engagement. Here are some articles that provide insights into the changing nature of modern workplaces.