Creating happier, healthier places to work

Wooboard is a mental health & recognition
platform that helps employees be more mindful,
happier & more engaged at work.

Our rewards-based mindfulness platform helps you recognise and reward your hard-working teams across the globe.

Real-world Rewards

Companies have the ability to reward their staff for acts of recognition with points that can be exchanged for 350+ real-world rewards that they will love

Benefits with Features


Wooboard supports
employees through
an expanding set of
mindfulness features.


achievements with
Woos, staff can exchange
for real-world rewards
that they will love.


Seamlessly integrate
Wooboard with the
tools you use every

Keep track
of recognition

Our platform includes
activity reports, search
functionality and custom
reports so you can
monitor recognition.

WooBoard integrates with the products you use everyday

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