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About Us

Wooboard Technologies Limited is a Software
as a Service (SaaS) solutions provider with a
product focus on cutting-edge and employee
engagement solutions.

Our focus is on building Cloud-based SaaS
solutions for enterprises, their employees,
customers and other supply chain stakeholders
and we are always looking to develop our portfolio
of products, as we continue to target business
generation opportunities.

Wooboard Technologies Limited is listed on the
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:WOO).

Our Solution

Wooboard Technologies Limited is shaping the
engagement discussion and building the tools
that allow businesses to stay ahead of the
increasingly competitive market for talent.

Wooboard Technologies Limited use WooBoard,
the simple peer to peer recognition platform for
employee engagement, to help you create a
positive culture of recognition in your workplace.

Find out more about the many features of
WooBoard designed to encourage daily interaction,
connect teams and appreciate employees.

Our Board

Rumi Guzder


On September 5th 2019, Wooboard Technologies Limited gladly announced the appointment of Mr Rumi Guzder as Non-executive Chairman of the Company. Rumi has a wealth of experience in technological projects, back-end data systems, infrastructure deployment, payment processing and supply chain management

Rumi is a mathematician and electrical engineer who specialises in control systems theory, distributed computing and IT infrastructure more broadly. Rumi started his career in academia pursuing Master’s level study in control systems theory. During Rumi’s time in academia, he worked in several research programmes associated with Hydro Quebec and Aeronautics companies.

Rumi was head hunted from academia to work on numerous cutting edge technological projects in his home of Canada and also in North America. Rumi’s experience is wide ranging, it includes: Leading the IT functions for an airfreight company which was eventually sold to Dachser GMBH. During Rumi’s time here he was instrumental in modernising and deploying IT infrastructure and EDI systems for freight forwarding. The IT transformations which Rumi implemented proved to be
significant motivation for Dachser GMBH acquiring the company; and

Founding one of the world’s first full-screen, self-service mobile advertising platforms. Rumi built the backend data-systems and infrastructure deployment. The company grew to more than 2 million impressions per day with annual revenues of more than $CAD 5 million.

As an expert in his field, Rumi’s other consulting projects have been wide ranged. His experience also includes work in payment processing and supply chain management. As part of his consultancy, Rumi has been involved in successful RTOs on the CSE (Canadian Stock Exchange).



Joshua P Quinn (ICAA, B.Com, LLM, CTA) has over 20 years of experience in private practice within Business Services and Corporate Tax teams of Big 4 and leading Mid Tier Firms providing business and taxation advice and compliance services to high net wealth individuals, private family groups, listed corporation and multinationals.

He has experience with all aspects of Australian taxation and accounting including income tax, capital gains tax, tax provisions, tax consolidation, tax audits and tax compliance.



Wes Culley, founder of Launch Advisory has a passion for helping motivated CEO’s and Founders of technology and growth companies.

Wes’ experience includes working in the startup space selling SaaS services, digital solutions and physical products to Australian/ International SME’s and corporates for the past 20 years. His passion is growing sales and investing in companies with blue sky. He has participated in over 50+ capital raises and has a network of brokers, funds, VC’s & wholesale investor groups. 

Key Corporate Governance

The Board of Wooboard Technologies Limited
are strong advocates of good corporate governance.
The Board is committed to fulfilling its corporate
governance obligations and responsibilities in the
best interests of the company and its stakeholders.
Wooboard Technologies Limited complies with the
third edition of the ASX Corporate Governance
Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and
Recommendations released on 27 March 2014.

Wooboard Technologies Limited corporate
governance practices for the year ended 30 June
2020 are outlined in the 2020 Corporate Governance
Statement and Appendix 4G, which is located below.

You can access key corporate governance
documents by clicking on the following links:

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