woo hoo

Interjection, informal | \ ˈwü-ˈhü \
1. used to express excitement, delight, or approval: Woo hoo! You did a great job!

What is a Woo?

On WooBoard, the word “Woo” symbolises thanks or praise or the celebration of a win. Think Homer Simpson and his cry of “Woo Hoo!” when something good happens. When you send a Woo you are publicly recognizing one of your colleagues for their efforts.

It all starts with people feeling valued

We all want to be recognised for doing a good job, it’s a fundamental to being human. When we receive praise for our efforts, it reinforces the fact that other people care about us and our contribution to the team. This makes us feel good about ourselves, as well as those around us. When authentic praise is exchanged consistently between employees it builds a positive and enjoyable team environment.

How WooBoard can help

The recognition game is changing. The growing number of Millennials (aged 18 – 35) who now dominate the workforce do not engage with traditional recognition programs. WooBoard is an innovative solution built for today’s workforce. It’s a fun, simple and lightweight solution that drives meaningful recognition and increases engagement.

“Making engagement happen will be the single most important business challenge of the next decade and the focal point of the war for talent”

Aon Hewitt
Trends in Global Employee Engagement (2014)

Companies don’t give enough recognition

The majority of managers do not consistently recognize their employees when they do great work. And while 90% of business leaders think that a recognition strategy will improve business success, only 14% of organizations provide managers with the necessary tools for recognition

Right now, 70% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged which costs the U.S. economy over $550bn in lost productivity each year.

Employees want to be recognized

67% of employees rate recognition as the top motivator for performance (above all other financial and non-financial incentives). Despite this, only 65% of all employees received recognition for good work last year.

Engagement affects your bottom line

Employees who feel valued are happier and more engaged in their jobs. Aon Hewitt found that companies with strong recognition outperform others on all financial indicators (revenue growth +8%, operating margin +8%, total shareholder return +14%).

Attract and retain top talent

Winning the talent war is more important than ever. Bersin found that companies with effective recognition programs had 31% lower voluntary turnover, and that engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their jobs. Conversely, 55% of employees stated they would leave their company to join a company with a strong culture of recognizing their staff.

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