The WooBoard Points System

 How do you earn Points?

Users earn Points for all engagement actions taken on WooBoard, including sending and receiving Woos, posting updates, earning badges, liking, commenting and logging on each day.

See the table below for full details on Points Values.

Why Points?

The simple fact is that most peer recognition programs fail due to lack of regular and widespread engagement. More often than not, only a few people participate and the programs end up being the monthly afterthoughts of the few people who remember to participate.

By awarding users Points for all actions, we incentivise frequent and widespread engagement and recognition. This allows our customers to drive and implement recognition programs that are actually meaningful and have a real impact on business results and culture.

Our unique Points System provides a holistic view of employee engagement which includes not only the giving and receiving of recognition, but also the sharing of information, the celebration of wins as a team and joining in this conversation every day.

How can I use Points and the Leaderboard to drive my recognition program?

Whether it is physical rewards, newsletter shout-outs or the satisfaction of being number 1 on the Leaderboard, WooBoard lets you target and drive the exact behaviours and culture you desire.

For example:

  • to build a happy and lively workplace, incentivize Points and/or Woos Sent;
  • to implement and drive a cultural shift, you could incentivize each of your company values on rotating basis in order to raise awareness and understanding of those values;
  • for a balanced combination of daily engagement and recognition, incentivize Points; or
  • if you are interested purely in recognition and/or acknowledging the big achievements, incentivize Woos Received and/or the Woo of the Week.

Points Values

Unlockable Milestone Points

At the beginning of each week, we calculate your weekly milestones: Send 2 Woos, Post 5 comments, and Reach Target Score. Your progress against each of these milestones is tracked in 3 progress bars. Once you have beaten a milestone, you will be able to click the yellow padlock which appears to unlock random bonus Points for your achievement.