A better way to recognize

WooBoard is the place to celebrate your successes. It provides visibility on all the wonderful things people are doing and it inspires more of the same. This results in increasing the positivity of your culture and improving the overall vibe around your office.

Our intuitive design makes it easy to give recognition that is instant, public and meaningful. Celebrate wins as a team, start a conversation of recognition and tap into the pulse of company culture.

Authentic Recognition

Peer to peer recognition that mimics real life (no quotas)


Social & Fun

Employees can like and comment on recognition posts, and add emojis and hashtags

Company Values

Bring your company values to life. WooBoard allows you to tag, promote and track your values.


White labelled

Add your colors and branding to make it feel like your own software


Points system, badges and leaderboard to help drive daily recognition

Mobile Apps

Ensure your employees are motivated, engaged and recognized, wherever they are.

Integrated Rewards

Optional rewards system where employees can redeem gift cards within the platform

Reports & Analytics

Our platform includes activity reports, search functionality and custom reports

TV Mode

View the latest recognition posts in large screen mode on a TV in your office


Administrators can create special announcements that are pinned to the top of the feed for max visibility


Team Segments

Teams deserve recognition too! Easily set up and manage teams based on department, location, activity or interests.