10 Playlists That Will 10X Your Workday

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Does your workday come with a theme song? How about an entire playlist? We all have our methods for achieving higher levels of focus. Some of us are most productive without distractions, while others unleash their potential after meditating. For others -- it’s music. Studies show that listening to music while working can significantly boost productivity. From classical to soundtracks, there are thousands of playlists out there aimed at those of us tapping away on keyboards all day. Here is our specially curated selection for remote workers like you and us.

Classical Beats 

Set your workday to the tunes of elaborate melodies written in centuries past. Here are three classical and instrumental playlists that’ll allow you to conjure your inner master composer. 

Mozart: Classical Music For Studying (Spotify)

“The Mozart Effect” is a theory that has been around for decades. Studies have shown that listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s works boosts spatial intelligence, the understanding of spatial relations among objects or spaces.

Spotify’s Focus Piano (Spotify)

Focus Piano is one of Spotify’s official playlists. Join the 288,000+ listeners that get in the zone with this eclectic mix of modern pianists from all over the world.

Classical for Working by PENTATONE (Spotify)

Pentatone is a Dutch classical music label that specialises in the highest quality recordings. So good, in fact, that it won the Label of the Year on the 2020 International Classical Music Awards.


Hip Hoppers, Beat Boppers


Steady urban beats are metronome for your mind. Allow these funky melodies to help you get into the groove and let the mental freestyling begin. 

LoFi Girl (YouTube)

Lo-fi hip hop music (AKA Chillhop) has taken the YouTube- and Spotify-verse by storm. Aimed at improving concentration, this movement began with the Lofi Girl channel on YouTube. It broadcasts lo-fi hip hop 24/7, an epicenter for chilled vibes since 2017. There’s also a Spotify playlist, but something about streaming the video alongside tens of thousands of people in real time makes you smile. 

Nujabes (Spotify)

The LoFi Girl might be racking all the views, but the Godfather of the chillhop genre was Japanese record producer Jun Seba, AKA: Nujabes. He created the genre back in the early 2000s, when sampling bits and pieces of hip hop and jazz music, creating deeply immersive mixes. Nujabes sadly died at age 36 in 2010, but his records and style linger on. #RestInBeats

A Meeting With Mother Nature 

Do you find music distracting? Set your workday to the sounds of raindrops, rolling waves, or the orchestra of the jungle.

Rainy Mood

For many, there are few sounds as calming as the rain. Rainy Mood is a website that whisks you to a rainy oasis, complete with thunderclaps in the distance. Achieve a cozy atmosphere with this channel in seconds, and boost your workday productivity to the sounds of Mother Nature’s pitter patter. Bonus tip: combine these tracks with others for the perfect customised playlist!

Unreal Ocean

Marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols states that being on, under, or near water can positively affect your health, while connecting you with the task at hand. Unreal Ocean lets you shift the bass, medium, and treble sounds of an equalizer, transporting you to a deserted beach or deep beneath the sea. The website even has presets for distant shores, windy coasts, and even underwater sounds.

Eclectic tastes

Whether you’re into obscure genres, video games, or anime, we’ve got you with these eclectic sets that will expand the limits of your productivity. 

Asthenic (YouTube)

Synthwave is a microgenre that gives synthesizer-based music from the 1980s a modern twist. Enjoy an audio experience akin to being aboard a spaceship, cruising from Earth to Mars as if it were just another road trip. Asthenic is a French YouTuber, famous for his interstellar travel-inspired playlists that combine variations of the synthwave genre. His Space Trip collection (Episodes I, II, III, and IV) are a joy to listen to.  

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Original Game Soundtrack (Spotify)

Video games have been shown to improve our ability to focus, and Jeremy Soule is the mastermind behind the soundtrack of “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. Listeners will experience a world of fantasy and medieval ambiences, as well as environments like the wind blowing past snow-capped peaks, the waves rolling into a port, and animals rustling amongst the forest leaves.

Cowboy Bebop (Soundtrack Collection)

Last but not least, we include the work of famed Japanese musician Yoko Kanno and her brainchild, the entire soundtrack of the anime series Cowboy Bebop. This is a departure from the ambient tracks above, in the sense that it is as varied as it comes. In this playlist, you’ll discover the hyper-eclectic soundtrack of the iconic show with tracks that range from jazz, blues, country, to bossa nova, rock, even opera! It’s not for the faint of heart, but we guarantee that it will take you on an introspective trip that will unleash your mind. If this doesn’t put your creativity on overdrive, nothing will.


We hope that these playlists help you find your zone! There are as many songs out there as feelings and workflows. May you find the perfect playlist that best suits your vibe and boosts your productivity into the stratosphere.